What our clients say

I have been working with Glenda for 5 years now.

The results from where I started are truly amazing.

Glenda has returned me beyond optimum health after a serious illness.

We are now a team and she is part of my health regime, feeling awesome and couldn’t thank her enough for all she has done for me.

If you were considering a Naturopath I would highly recommend Glenda.



I was introduced to Glenda 10 years ago and she has cured my health issues that Others were not able to.
Glenda is very professional in her manner and extremely good at what she does.
I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Maria Mashall

My 8 week old baby was having constant reflux and colic from baby formula. Eczema appeared on his face, arms, back and legs. Changing formulas and applying creams to his skin were making no difference. In desperation I booked in to see Glenda. Her help and suggestions have made such a difference. My baby is now on a totally different formula, eczema is gone, he is gaining weight and I have a happy and content baby.

Thanks so much, Glenda.

O King

After having a series of operations over the last year, and not coming out of anaesthetic with good results, Glenda helped me pre and post-operative and the outcome was amazing. No more nausea, no more light headedness. Just generally feeling so much better.

Thanks to Glenda’s healing ways.

John Faccio

Golden staff has all cleared.

After months of being in and out of hospital with recurring bouts of golden staff, Glenda treated me and it is all gone!!!

L Bailey

I had been seeing doctors and feeling quite unwell with high pelvic pain and back pain due to chronic inflammation.

Nothing was helping so I decided to see a naturopath and found Glenda on the internet.

As well as reducing my inflammation Glenda taught me how to avoid the triggers that keep it all going.

I feel so much better.

L Mathieson

I have had issues with sleeping, anxiety, fatigue and poor motivation.

After the first 3 days of seeing Glenda, I experienced a marked improvement.

In my consultation she also explained the role of proper nutrition and exercise.

Something I had overlooked for sometime

Peter Herr

The pain in the top of my stomach is gone.

I feel like I am back on track.

You are a gem, Glenda

Thank you

Jan West